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A Guide to Hemp Products

There many people confuse the marijuana plant with the hemp plant because they look similar but they are different only few people can tell the difference.Hemp the plant is in the same family with a marijuana plant, but it is taller than marijuana. Unlike the marijuana plants which require some specific conditions for it is to grow the hemp plant does not require a lot of care because it can grow in the broader range of conditions. The growth that is the other differentiating factor between the marijuana plant in the hemp plant in that the hemp plant has a faster and easier growth rate compared to the marijuana plant. The use of hemp plant has been for decades and therefore doesn’t history. Discussed below are some of the products from the hemp plant you should know.

An example of the hemp plant products is the human food. An example of human food that is commonly used for its nutritious value by the humans especially vegetarians and the athletes he is the hemp seeds and also can be used to treat immune deficiency diseases. The other example of human food that can be made from the hemp plant is the hemp seed oil which is known to have skin care properties, vitamin A and E, properties that promote healthy hair and nails and also contains omega-3 and six. The examples of human foods from the hemp plant can include healthy flavored water, burgers, coffee, energy bars, hemp tea, protein powder, hemp seed butter and hemp milk. The human foods are available in both online stores and physical stores, and you can purchase them from any.

The other example of hemp product is the construction materials. Cement is one of the construction materials that are made from hemp plant fibers, and it is advisable anytime you want to build a home that you can consider the hemp plant construction materials because of the of high resistant of damages especially from bad weather. The hemp plant is also known for the making of fuel such as biodiesel and that is why the petroleum industry has embraced the use of the hemp plant because they can make petroleum products.

Body lotions and oil of the other products of the hemp plant. The implant is known to have very amusing properties that can prevent skin cracking because it as much stressing properties and that’s why it can be used to make body lotions and oil that can be applied to the skin. The industry that makes cloth is also benefiting from the implant because the contains fibers that can make close last longer and examples of such laws that are made from the implant at the jeans and sports clothing. On this product is available both from online stores and physical stores.

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