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My Chiropractor Helped with Getting Me Back into the Gym Again

I just wanted to lose weight and feel good about myself again. I wanted many things to go better in my life, but I kept running into roadblocks that were holding me back. Finally, something good in the way of going to see a chiropractor in Concord happened and that helped me quite a bit. In my bid to try to better myself, I injured my back. As most people know, a lot of back pain can keep you from doing many things that you want to do. Even getting a good night’s sleep, getting out of bed or sitting in a chair all day for work can be hindered by extreme pain.

To start, I have to share the fact that I gained a lot of weight over the years. I have to be even more honest and explain that it happened because I was lazy. I do not like working out. (more…)

Feeling Beautiful After My Procedure

I was very happy when I lost weight. It had been a goal of mine for a very long time, and it was something that I honestly thought would never happen to me. Well, it did, and buying clothes in the regular department was everything I had hoped for, and more. The only thing I was not happy with was my chin. I had lost weight all over, but my chin area was still sagging a bit. I decided to find the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore so I could take care of that since nothing I was doing made it attractive.

Some people may think that is vain, but I really did not care. I worked hard to make myself look good, and I wanted to feel that way every time I looked into the mirror. (more…)